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RIP Chris Perman - click here for more information
The racing commuity lost another driver from the past at a young age. Chris Perman lost his battle with brain cancer on 4-4-14 at the age of 45.

Chris started racing Wissota Street Stocks in 1991 with finishing 7th in point at Princeton Speedway and also getting Rookie of the year in the Wissota Street Stock.

In 1992 he finish 4th in Street Stock points and 15th in point in the Wissota Modified and also Rookie of the year in the Wissota Modified. In 1993 he only raced the Wissota Street Stock.

In 1994 is took 14th in Points in Wissota Super Stocks. He also raced in 1995 in Wissota Modified. Four feature wins and 10 overall wins. His 1st and only Wissota Modified Feature win came on 7-3-92 when he fought off Larry Zeller in a duel for 20 laps, crossing the finish line by the length of the front bumper for the win.

Funeral will be Thursday April 10, 2014 Visitation 10am - Noon Service at
Noon Akkerman - Ingebrand Funeral Home
825 S Union St Mora MN 55051

There will be a Potluck Get Together at Chris and Penny house in Ogilvie to share more memories of Chris.
Anyone is welcome to join.
2013 Princeton Speedway Banquet
Racing Parts Auction @ Wayne Pike Auction Company
By: Tami Jo Kuehn

Princeton, MN (September 21)- Night #2 of the P-Town Showdown was in full effect Saturday night with 135 cars rolling into the pits. The skies were clear and free of rain as the WISSOTA Amsoil Dirt Track Racing Series action got underway.

The WISSOTA Street Stocks kicked off the nights features with Justin Pogones and Ryan Kostreba on the front row. They battled for first when the green flew and Mike Blowers fought Justin Tammen for third. Kostreba nosed ahead of Pogones, but Pogones came back. As Pogones grabbed the lead the yellow flew.

Pogones was alone on the restart with Kostreba and Blowers in tow. The battle for second heated up as Kostreba locked in the point. Kostreba began to work Pogones for the lead when contact was made and the #01 turned sideways. Cars scattered and piled into each other as the yellow flew.

The Street stocks couldn’t get their race together as caution after caution kept them slow. At the end of the feature it was Jim Gullikson in his Ray’s Auto Body sponsored car who took the win. Gullikson won both nights of the Showdown getting the feature win bonus as well. Rod deBernardeaux, Ryan Pommerer, Dave Read and Adam Burrows finished as the top drivers.

Corry VanMil and Josh Abrahamson battled side by side for first as the WISSOTA Mod Four feature began. Laps ticked by and VanMil and Abrahamson continued to battle. Abrahamson finally broke away while VanMil settled in second. Tommy Sabraski had his hands full with Chad Funt, Brandon Linquist and Tyler Larson trying to take his third position. Larson and Funt grabbed Sabraski’s sides and Larson made the pass for third. Larson then crept up on VanMil for second as the yellow waved.

Abrahamson led through four cautions until a few laps were done. Kyle Thell moved up on Larson and VanMil and took third while Larson stole second. Thell then cruised aside Larson, took second and shot by Abrahamson for the lead. Thell stayed there until the checkers waved and since he won features both nights, he got the bonus pay. Abrahamson, Larson, VanMil and Sabraski took the top five.

The WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds feature was next on the list, and Travis Schulte grabbed the early lead. Tim Johnson and Shane Sabraski ran on Schulte’s rear as Johnson took the lead. Denis Czech grabbed the middle groove and went between Sabraski and Schulte for second but Czech fell back. Schulte took second with Jason Hall challenging Sabraski. Bud Martini joined the fun and grabbed the low groove to take fourth. Martini then drove past Sabraski and next to Schulte. Czech was back at Sabraski’s door as they battled close for top points. As they rounded the curves, Schulte’s car drifted over the track’s edge and the yellow flew.

Johnson was alone on the restart with Sabraski and Martini behind him. Martini drove to Johnson’s side but Johnson pulled ahead. Martini came back and assumed the lead with Johnson in second. Czech however grabbed the high side and moved next to Martini. Czech wasted no time and took the lead as the crowd roared with excitement. Czech held back the competition, took the checkers and celebrated on the front stretch by doing doughnuts all over the track surface. Johnson, Martini, Sabraski and Ryan Bowers took the top points.

Dan Gullikson took first, Dave Mass second and Tim Johnson, Shane Sabraski and Kevin Burdick ran three wide for third as the WISSOTA Super Stock feature began. Burdick and Sabraski pulled ahead of Johnson and Sabraski took third while Gullikson pulled away. Gullikson soon began to catch slower cars as the yellow flew.

Gullikson was in charge on the restart with Sabraski and Mass battling for second. Dave Read joined the battle for second and they ran three wide. Sabraski took the position as Mass suddenly spun in turn two and the yellow flew again. Sabraski now had Johnson at his side while Gullikson continued to lead. Gullikson rocked the high side with Sabraski and Johnson following his path with Read and Derek Vesel in the top five. They drove in that order until the checkers flew and Gullikson took the trophy.

Matthew Dibb and Jared Zimpel brought the Hornets to the green and Dibb took the lead. The caution lights flickered on a few times, but Dibb continued to lead. Zimpel moved to Dibb’s door after the final restart and they went door to door. Dannie Burkholder closed in on them and joined the fight. Zimpel nosed ahead into the lead with Burkholder moving to his side. Burkholder and Zimpel drove door to door for a few laps with Dibb on their rears. Burkholder finally broke away and took the lead. Zimpel moved back to Burkholder’s side but Burkholder pulled away. Staff Sargent Dannie Burkholder held Zimpel and Dibb and took the feature win.

The WISSOTA Modifieds feature not only closed out the show, but also wrapped up the 2013 racing season. Jamie Davis grabbed the lead and Justin Jones took second as the green flew. Dustin Nelson, Jason Thoennes, Jeremy Nelson and Scot Danzeisen battled for top points as the laps went by. Thoennes pulled away in third while Danzeisen took fourth. After a caution, Thoennes moved next to Davis but Davis pulled away in the lead. Thoennes and Jones ran close for second as the yellow waved.

The drivers were sorted with Davis in the lead. Thoennes took second but Danzeisen came on strong and moved to his side. Danzeisen took second and made the pass on Davis for first without a problem. Jones and Thoennes drove side by side for third with Shane Sabraski closing in. They all caught slower traffic and as Jones moved down to lap a car, he made contact and Thoennes spun out. Jones was charged with the caution with few laps to go.

Danzeisen was first on the restart and he kept the lead the remaining laps until the checkers dropped. Thoennes, Sabraski, Davis and Jeremy Nelson took the top five points as Danzeisen’s #5x rolled into victory lane.

The staff and management of the Princeton Speedway would like to send out a big and sincere thank you to everyone who helped make the 2013 race season the success that it was. Keep your eyes on the website at and facebook by searching Princeton Speedway for all the up to date racing information. We look forward to seeing everyone back in 2014.

WISSOTA Modifieds
Feature- Scot Danzeisen, Jason Thoennes, Shane Sabraki, Jamie Davis, Jeremy Nelson, Don Eischens, Dave Mass, Shawn Fletcher, J.B. Stortz, Rick Jacobson, Jeff Broking, Jake Miller, Larry Zeller, Ryan Canon, Keith Vork, Jim Nystrom, Justin Jones, Tim Alexander, Mark Blood, Charlie Hillukka, Seth Brede
Heat 1- D. Nelson, Sabraski, Eischens, Alexander, Martini, Stortz
Heat 2- Jones, J. Nelson, Jacobson, Hillukka, Nystrom, Blood
Heat 3- Thoennes, Zeller, Broking, Brede, Canon, Vork
Heat 4- Danzeisen, Davis, Mass, Fletcher, Miller

WISSOTA Super Stocks
Feature- Dan Gullikson, Shane Sabraski, Tim Johnson, Dave Read, Derek Vesel, Kevin Burdick, Chris Wark, Tristan Labarge, Dexton Koch, Seth Kramer, Andy Davey, Mike Loomis, Kyle Robideau, Ryan Henderson, Joel Collins, Adam Ayotte, Donna Schmidt, Donnie Lofdahl, John Toppozini, Rocky Yeats, Denny Schouveller, James Trantina, Craig Hiemstrc, Chad Dawson
Heat 1- Read, Burdick, Vesel, Henderson, Toppozini, Schmidt, Hiemstrc
Heat 2- Gullikson, Sabraski, Kramer, Wark, Collins, Yeats
Heat 3- Loomis, Ayotte, Trantina, Labarge, Koch, Schouveller
Heat 4- Johnson, Mass, Robideau, Davey, Lofdahl, Dawson

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds
Feature- Denis Czech, Tim Johnson, Bud Martini, Shane Sabraski, Ryan Bowers, Jason Hall, Todd Rizer, Justin Oestreich, Ryan Putnam, Rich Paulicek, Tyler English, Andy Jones, Bill Matzdorf, Vince Corbin, Chad Fouquette, Mitch Weiss, Randy Laage, Jamie Davis, Kyle Matuska, Gino Fontecchio, Jesse Ogston, Jason Hoffman, Travis Schulte, Tony Konold
Heat 1- Czech, Matzdorf, Bowers, Oestreich, Siercks, Matuska, Gerwing, Josh Paulson
Heat 2- Hall, Martini, Corbin, English, Kevin Monteith, Jayme Hiller, Laage, Elizabeth Toepper
Heat 3- Johnson, Davis, Weiss, Putnam, Jones, Brandon Hines, Rich Bohlman
Heat 4- Sabraski, Rizer, Paulicek, Ogston, Jacob Toepper, Fouquette, Chris Mensen
Heat 5- Schulte, Hoffman, Fontecchio, Konold, Kyle Wehking, Alan Bohlman, Rick Jacobson
B Feature 1- Jones, Fouquette, Siercks, Gerwing, Hiller, E. Toepper, Wehking, R. Bohlman, Jacobson
B Feature 2- Laage, Matuska, Hines, A. Bohlman, J. Toepper, Paulson, Monteith, Mensen

WISSOTA Street Stocks
Feature- Jim Gullikson, Rod deBernardeaux, Ryan Pommerer, Dave Read, Adam Burrows, Durand Peterson, Cory Asmussen, Jon Gunderson, Russ Carlson, Amanda Milbrandt, Russell Peterson, Allen Gessell, Jr., Ryan Kostreba, Tony Yezek, Mike Blowers, Justin Pogones, Justin Tammen, Kurt Becken
Heat 1- Gessell, Jr., Tammen, Carlson, Becken, Yezek, R. Peterson
Heat 2- deBernardeaux, Kostreba, Blowers, D. Peterson, Milbrandt, Gullikson
Heat 3- Read, Pogones, Pommerer, Asmussen, Gunderson, Burrows

Feature- Kyle Thell, Josh Abrahamson, Tyler Larson, Corry VanMil, Tommy Sabraski, Dean Larson, Aaron Leininger, Ketih Thell, Tommy Bawden, Mike Rau, Dwight Gilyard, Dave Bawden, Brandon Linquist, Abby Garin, Gerry Nohner, Dan Kastner, Courtney Murray, Chad Funt, Ross Mead
Heat 1- Abrahamson, D. Larson, Funt, Mead, Rau, Leininger, Murray
Heat 2- Ky. Thell, VanMil, Sabraski, T. Bawden, Ke. Thell, Garin
Heat 3- Linquist, T. Larson, D. Bawden, Gilyard, Nohner, Kastner

Feature- Dannie Burkholder, Jared Zimpel, Matthew Dibb, Adam Thompson, Terry Blowers, Brandon Mehrwerth, Erik Gruhlke, Dan Rick, Mark Witwicke, Jasmin Matthewman, Trisan Coburn, Lexi Gallagher, Payton English
Heat 1- Mehrwerth, Dibb, Zimpel, Thompson, Witwicke, Matthewman, Coburn
Heat 2- Blowers, Burkholder, Gallagher, English, Rick, Gruhlke
By: Tami Jo Kuehn

Princeton, MN (September 20) – Friday night kicked off the first of two nights for the Princeton Speedway’s P-Town Showdown. This is the first ever WISSOTA two day show the track has ran, and it was a huge success with more than 140 drivers signing in. Even though Mother Nature gave the track multiple days of rain, Princeton did not cancel and put on a good night of WISSOTA Amsoil Dirt Track Racing Series action.

The WISSOTA Street Stocks kicked off the night’s features, however the race was plagued with cautions. Amanda Milbrandt and Jim Gullikson brought the Streeters to the green, but the yellow quickly flew. A total of six cautions kept the streets in stop and go mode for many laps. Gullikson was able to hold his lead as the green continued to fly. Allen Gessell Jr. kept close to Gullikson with Adam Soltis in third. Dave Read ran in sixth and move past Ryan Kostreba for fifth. Read then moved to Ryan Pommerer’s side and they ran close for laps. While they battled Gessell, Jr. put the pressure on Gullikson and they drove away. Gullikson and Gessell, Jr. began to lap slower cars as the laps ticked by. Gullikson made it to the end and took the checkers with Gessell, Jr., Soltis, Pommerer and Read as the top finishers.

Dean Larson and Kyle Thell led the WISSOTA Mod Fours on the track and Thell quickly grabbed the lead. Larson and Brandon Linquist took the top three as the yellow flew. Thell was alone on the restart with Larson and Linquist in a battle for second. Linquist secured second while Bryce Bjerken moved next to Larson. Bjerken quickly moved aside Linquist while Josh Abrahamson took fourth. Bjerken fell back while Abrahamson drove to Linquist’s door for second. Linquist kept him back as the yellow flew again.

Thell felt the heat of Linquist and Bjerken as the green reappeared. Linquist quickly took second, but Abrahamson was faster and took the point. Abrahamson then spun in turn four, however he kept the car going and kept second. Thell was again closing in on lapped cars, and made his way through traffic as the race came to a close. Thell took the win with Abrahamson, Bjerken, Linquist and Corry VanMil as the top finishers.

Tim Johnson was wheeling the #97c WISSOTA Midwest Modified and he started on the pole with Charlie Zander at his door. Johnson quickly grabbed the lead with Bud Martini and Shane Sabraski battling for second. Before you knew it, Sabraski and Martini were aside Johnson and they were three wide for first. Johnson quickly pulled away as the yellow flew.

Johnson kept first on the restart with Sabraski grabbing second. Martini moved back to Sabraski’s side but Sabraski held him back. A couple more restarts kept the field slow but Johnson kept the lead. Andy Jones, started in 17th, worked his way into fifth and then moved aside Martini for third. With only a few laps to go, Martini kept him back while Johnson took the checkers. Sabraski, Martini, Jones and Ryan Bowers took the top points in the feature.

The WISSOTA Super Stocks took the green with Seth Kramer in the lead. Dave Mass moved into second and drove to Kramer’s door while Shane Sabraski moved in. Mass pulled away in the lead while Sabraski slid under Kramer. Sabraski made the pass and drove next to Mass as the yellow flew. Sabraski and Mass battled side by side for the lead with Sabraski nosing ahead. Mass held onto second while Tim Johnson challenged Kramer for third. Johnson took the point and Kramer settled in fourth, but Dan Gullikson was on his rear.

One more caution slowed the Supers down, but Sabraski led the way. Johnson and Mass were door to door but Mass pulled ahead in second. Gullikson and Kramer were also nose to nose, but Gullikson broke away just in time for the race to end. Sabraski beat out the stiff competition and took the win with Mass, Johnson, Gullikson and Kramer as the top finishers.

The Hornets were the next race for the night with Dan Rick and Brandon Mehrwerth on the pole. Mehrwerth jumped into the lead with Rick and Erik Gruhlke in tow. Gruhlke moved into second but Dannie Burkholder was on the move and slid by Gruhlke. Burkholder took over second as the yellow flew.

Mehrwerth continued to lead with Gruhlke, Burkholder and Terry Blowers, who started last, in a fight for second. Blowers took the point and flew past Mehrwerth for the lead. Burkholder ran side by side with Adam Thompson for third but Burkholder suffered a flat and the yellow flew.

Blowers was first on the restart but Mehrwerth quickly grabbed his side. As they came down the back chute, Blowers suffered a flat allowing Mehrwerth to speed away. Mehrwerth led the final laps and took the feature win.

Jeff Patchen and Seth Brede led the WISSOTA Modifieds to the green for the night’s final feature. Brede quickly grabbed the lead with Scot Danzeisen in second. Dave Mass and Patchen battled for third with Patchen getting the point. Jeremy Nelson moved next to Mass for fourth but Mass pulled away while Patchen closed in on Danzeisen. The yellow then flew and drivers were realigned.

After back to back cautions, Brede was back in charge with the green waving. Danzeisen moved to Brede’s side, but Brede had the better line and drove away. Danzeisen remained closed with Patchen and Mass at it for third. Mass locked in third and closed in on Danzeisen with two laps remaining. Brede rounded turn four but he slipped a bit and Danzeisen took full advantage moving back to his door. Brede got it together and lead to finish, taking his first feature win in a Modified. Danzeisen finished close in second with Mass, Patchen and Sabraski as the top drivers.

WISSOTA Modifieds
Feature- Seth Brede, Scot Danzeisen, Dave Mass, Jeff Patchen, Shane Sabraski, Jeremy Nelson, Jeff Broking, Dustin Nelson, Shawn Fletcher, Jason Thoennes, Rick Jacobson, Zach Schultz, Terry Hanson, Mark Blood, Don Eischens, Jamie Davis, Toby Patchen, Tim Alexander, Eric Martini, J.B. Stortz
Heat 1- Patchen, J. Nelson, Sabraski, Justin Jones, Jeff Maasch
Heat 2- Martini, Mass, Broking, Alexander, Blood, Hanson, Larry Zeller
Heat 3- Davis, Brede, Stortz, Fletcher, D. Nelson, Ryan Canon, Jim Nystrom
Heat 4- Thoennes, Danzeisen, Jacobson, Schulte, Charlie Hillukka, Brett Hoium, Dave Siercks
B Feature- Sabraski, D. Nelson, Blood, Hanson, Zeller, Siercks, Nystrom, Jones, Hillukka, Canon, Hoium

WISSOTA Super Stocks
Feature- Shane Sabraski, Dave Mass, Tim Johnson, Dan Gullikson, Seth Kramer, Dexton Koch, Andy Davey, Mike Loomis, Kevin Burdick, Chris Wark, Derek Vesel, Kyle Robideau, Joel Collins, James Trantina, Donna Schmidt, Rocky Yeats, John Toppozini, Larry Fitzsimmons, Donnie Lofdahl, Jesse Ouren, Denny Schouveller, Chad Dawson, Dave Read
Heat 1- Collins, Davey, Vesel, Gullikson, Trantina, Robideau, Schouveller, Yeats
Heat 2- Sabraski, Johnson, Mass, Read, Loomis, Toppozini, Schmidt, Oren
Heat 3- Koch, Lofdahl, Kramer, Wark, Burdick, Fitzsimmons, Dawson

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds
Feature- Tim Johnson, Shane Sabraski, Bud Martini, Andy Jones, Ryan Bowers, Justin Oestreich, Jamie Davis, Jason Hall, Charlie Zander, Ryan Putnam, Tony Konold, Mitch Weiss, Todd Rizer, Shane Gerwing, Dave Siercks, Jason Hoffman, Alan Bohlman, Vince Corbin, Deniz Czech, Rich Paulicek
Heat 1- Johnson, Putnam, A. Bohlman, Gerwing, Jones, Jacob Toepper, Elizabeth Toepper, Jesse Ogston
Heat 2- Sabraski, Konold, Paulicek, Siercks, Hoffman, Darrin Lawler, Randy Laage, Michael Rukamp
Heat 3- Oestreich, Corbin, Czech, Gino Fontecchio, Kevin Monteith, Mark Froehlich, Mitchell Kittridge, Brandon Hines
Heat 4- Martini, Davis, Bowers, Fouquette, Rich Bohlman, Josh Madson, Jayme Hiller, Kyle Matuska
Heat 5- Zander, Hall, Rizer, Weiss, Kevin Schmidt, Tyler English, Bill Matzdorf
B Feature 1- Gerwing, Weiss, Hoffman, Fontecchio, English, Ogston, Hiller, Hines, J. Toepper, Laage, Mark Froehlich, R. Bohlman
B Feature 2- Jones, Siecks, Matuska, Matzdorf, E. Toepper, Rukamp, Kittridge, Fouquette, Monteith, Lawler, Madson, Schmidt

WISSOTA Street Stocks
Feature- Jim Gullikson, Allen Gessell, Jr., Adam Soltis, Ryan Pommerer, Dave Read, Ryan Kostreba, Rod deBernardeaux, James Becker, Duran Petersond, Justin Pogones, Cory Asmussen, Amanda Milbrandt, Russell Peterson, Evan Neumann, Brian Friez, Russ Carlson, Ben Rothstein, Adam Bohlman, Kurt Becken, Jon Gunderson
Heat 1- Read, Becken, Milbradnt, Becker, Friez, R. Peterson, Carlson
Heat 2- Pommerer, Soltis, Gessell, Jr., deBernardeaux, Pognes, Gunderson, Bohlman
Heat 3- Gullikson, Kostreba, Rothstein, D. Peterson, Asmussen, Neumann

Feature- Kyle Thell, Josh Abrahamson, Bryce Bjerken, Brandon Linquist, Corry VanMil, Chad Funt, Luke Johnson, Keith Thell, Dean Larson, Tommy Bawden, Dwight Gilyard, Adam Fuchs, Mike Rau, Dave Bawden, Ross Mead, Mitch Hribar, Gerry Nohner, Abby Garin, Tyler Larson, Courtney Murray, Dan Kastner
Heat 1- Abrahamson, VanMil, Linquist, Gilyard, Funt, Ke. Thell, Kastner
Heat 2- Bjerken, Ky. Thell, T. Bawden, Garin, Nohner, Rau, Mead
Heat 3- Johnson, D. Larson, Fuchs, Hribar, d. Bawden, Murray, T. Larson

Feature- Brandon Mehrwerth, Adam Thompson, Quain Bustizky, Erik Gruhlke, Matt Dibb, Terry Blowers, Dan Rick, Mark Witwicke, Payton English, Jasmin Matthewman, Dannie Burkholder, Lexi Gallagher, Trisan Coburn
Heat 1- Bustizky, Dibb, Gruhlke, Thompson, Coburn, Matthewman, Blowers
Heat 2- Mehrwerth, Burkholder, Rick, Witwicke, Gallagher, English
Tonight's Practice is still on! (9/19)
Practice is still on for tonight! We'll keep you updated if there are any changes, thank you!
Thanks to GRP Motorsports, the Super Stocks will pay $1000 to win each night; and thanks to DBS Performance & Bill Siercks, the Midwest Modifieds will pay $600 to win each night! We'll see you there!
Come out this Friday and use your Free Passes!
All free passes must be used by August 30th, 2013 and will not be honored at the September 20th and 21st races.
August 23rd, 2013 - Recap
By: Tami Jo Kuehn
Princeton, MN (August 23) – The Princeton Speedway had a stellar night of WISSOTA Amsoil Dirt Track Racing Series action Friday night with great finishes in every race. It was the track’s final kids night and 30 bikes were awarded to lucky kids along with Jr. Fans and Jr. Announcers participating in the nights events. Dave Read, Bud Martini, Kyle Thell, Shane Sabraski, Matthew Dibb and J.B. Stortz took home the feature wins.
The first feature of the night was for the WISSOTA Street Stocks and Jon Gunderson and Amanda Milbrandt lead the way. Milbrandt shot into the lead with Rod deBernardeaux and Gunderson at it for second. Justin Pogones and Dave Read made their way into the top five and alongside Ben Rothstein for fourth. The yellow flew for Alec Nesbit sitting sideways in turn two and drivers were realigned.
Milbrandt was first on the restart with Gunderson in second. Read and Pogones charged into second and third as Read grabbed the high groove. Read passed Milbrandt for the lead and Pogones took second. Milbrandt held third as the yellow flew again.
Pogones chose the low groove and moved to Read’s door as the green reappeared. Read and Pogones drove door to door through the curves as checkers were in sight. Read nosed ahead and took win giving him a clean sweep in his Wollak Construction powered Street Stock. Pogones, Milbrandt, Gunderson and Rothstein took top points.
After a first lap restart, the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds were back to green with Jeremy Nelson in the lead. Kyle Matuska took second and Denis Czech grabbed third, but Matuska’s car began to smoke and he stalled exiting the track. The yellow flew and drivers were realigned.
Nelson was alone on the restart with Czech and Bud Martini in tow. Nelson drove away while Czech and Martini drove side by side. Czech began to pull away but Martini moved back to his door. They drove side by side for laps until Martini moved to the low line and slid next to Nelson. Nelson and Martini raced door to door and closed in on slower cars. With the white waving Nelson went between the slower cars and kept the lead with Martini still hot on his trail. Nelson drove into turn two but went too high catching the track’s edge. Martini took the opportunity and shot past Nelson for first. Martini took the win with Czech, Nelson, Jason Hall and Shane Sabraski as the top drivers.
Corry VanMil and Mike Rau brought the WISSOTA Mod Fours to the green, but VanMil spun in turn two and everyone scattered to miss him. The yellow flew and the field was reset with Chad Funt on the pole. Funt took the lead as the green flew with Brandon Linquist and Rau in a battle for second. Linquist took second and Landon Atkinson moved into third. Atkinson slid aside Linquist but Linquist worked the high groove and drove past Funt for first. Atkinson also moved aside Funt as the yellow waved.
A couple restarts kept the drivers at a coast but Linquist continued to lead the way. Atkinson and Thell were on Linquist’s rear as Thell quickly took second and moved next to Linquist. Thell made the pass for first with two laps to go. Thell took the checkered flag and rolled into victory lane with Linquist, Atkinson, Funt and Mitch Hribar taking the top five points.
Joel Collins took the lead as the WISSOTA Super Stock feature began. Dave Read moved into second while Dexton Koch challenged Kyle Robideau for third. Read moved next to Collins for first and they battled for a few laps. Meanwhile Shane Sabraski took third from Koch and closed in on the leaders. Sabraski drove in the middle of Read and Collins, but they drove away. Read finally broke away from Collins for first and Sabraski moved into second. Sabraski then passed Read and took the lead while they caught a slower car. Sabraski passed the car and as they went through turn four Josh Schmidt spun and everyone dodged him. Sabraski was alone on the restart with Read and Koch behind him. Koch took second while Sabraski finished the final laps taking the win. Read, James Trantina and Mike Loomis rounded out the top cars.
Ariel Mueller and Jasmin Matthewman brought the hornets around the track and Matthewman took the lead as the green dropped. Erik Gruhlke took second and Matthew Dibb cruised into third. Gruhlke moved next to Matthewman for first and took the point. Gruhlke then drifted to the high side which allowed Dibb to shoot past him and Matthewman on the low side. Dibb took the lead and finished the feature in first putting his Bradford Garage sponsored #22 in victory lane.
The final feature of the night belonged to the WISSOTA Modifieds with Jeremy Nelson and Larry Zeller on the pole. Zeller sped away when the green flew with Nelson and Clayton Wagamon behind him. Nelson grabbed the low groove and moved next to Zeller. Nelson was a bit faster out of the turns but Zeller kept close. Nelson and Zeller pulled away from the others while J.B. Stortz took third from Wagamon. Stortz closed the gap with the leaders while Nelson broke away. Stortz began to work Zeller for second as Eric Martini moved in. Stortz and Martini put the pressure on Zeller until they both passed him. The yellow then flew forcing Nelson to slow down.
Nelson drove away on the restart while Martini and Stortz bounced back and forth for second. Stortz secured the point and closed in on Nelson. With the race winding down, Stortz caught Nelson and made the pass as the checkers waved. Stortz took the win with Nelson, Martini, Wagamon and Shane Sabraski as the top drivers.
Next Friday night will be Season Championship night and with the regular season coming to an end its time for post season specials. The Princeton Speedway will host its first ever two day show on September 20 and 21! The Ptown Showdown will feature WISSOTA Modifieds, Super Stocks, Midwest Modifieds, Street Stocks, Mod Fours and hornets with two complete nights of racing and payout bonuses for racers who win each night. Racing will begin at 7 pm, see you at the bullring.
WISSOTA Modifieds
Feature- J.B. Stortz, Jeremy Nelson, Eric Martini, Clayton Wagamon, Shane Sabraski, Larry Zeller, Andy Jones, Dustin Nelson, Toby Patchen, Shawn Fletcher, Tony Proell, Landon Atkinson, Dave Mass
Heat 1- Mass, Jones, Stortz, Sabraski, Fletcher, D. Nelson, Patchen
Heat 2- Wagamon, Martini, J. Nelson, Zeller, Proell, Atkinson, Kyllonen
WISSOTA Super Stocks
Feature- Shane Sabraski, Dexton Koch, Dave Read, James Trantina, Mike Loomis, Joel Collins, Dan Gullikson, Kyle Robideau, Jeff Frey, Chris Wark, Josh Schmidt, Donnie Lofdahl
Heat 1- Gullikson, Collins, Lofdahl, Robideau, Frey, Loomis
Heat 2- Sabraski, Trantina, Read, Koch, Wark, Schmidt
WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds
Feature- Bud Martini, Denis Czech, Jeremy Nelson, Jason Hall, Shane Sabraski, Tyler English, Dave Siercks, Gino Fontecchio, Elizabeth Toepper, Josh Paulson, Jacob Toepper, Kyle Matuska, Ryan Putnam
Heat 1- Hall, Putnam, Nelson, Matuska, English, Paulson, Siercks
Heat 2- Sabraski, Martini, Czech, Fontecchio, J. Toepper, E. Toepper
WISSOTA Street Stocks
Feature- Dave Read, Justin Pogones, Amanda Milbrandt, Jon Gunderson, Ben Rothstein, Ryan Kostreba, Rod deBernardeaux, Brad Schmidt, Pat Zerfas, Kyle Howland, Wes Howland, Alec Nesbit, Russell Peterson, James Becker
Heat 1- Pogones, Milbrandt, Rothstein, Zerfas, Becker, Nesbit, Peterson
Heat 2- Read, deBernardeaux, Gunderson, Schmidt, Kostreba, K. Howland, W. Howland
Feature- Kyle Thell, Brandon Linquist, Landon Atkinson, Chad Funt, Mitch Hribar, Keith Thell, Andy Mayavski, Dwight Gilyard, Abby Garin, Ross Mead, Nick Jelacie, Gerry Nohner, Daniel Kastner, Courtney Murray, Mike Rau, Corry VanMil
Heat 1- Atkinson, Linquist, Ky. Thell, Rau, Mead, Mayavski, Garin, Jelacie
Heat 2- Funt, VanMIl, Gilyard, Hribar, Ke. Thell, Kastner, Nohner, Murray
Feature- Matthew Dibb, Erik Gruhlke, Jasmin Matthewman, Zac Hribar, Ariel Mueller
Heat- Dibb, Gruhlke, Hribar, Matthewman, Mueller
August 16th, 2013- Recap
By: Tami Jo Kuehn
Princeton, MN (August 16) – The Princeton Speedway welcomed the UMSS Sprint cars on Friday night for the Ethel Kouba Memorial race. More than 20 sprints signed into the pits along with many other drivers for a great night of WISSOTA Amsoil Dirt Track Racing Series action. Shane Sabraski, Jason Hall, Kurt Becken, Kyle Thell and Gabby Volkers took home the hardware with Brooke Tatnell winning in the Sprints.
The WISSOTA Street Stocks kicked off the nights races with Jon Gunderson pulling into the lead. Kurt Becken grabbed second while the #21’s of Dave Read and Jim Gullikson battled for third. Becken slid under Gunderson for the lead with Dave Read following him. Read pulled into second and Gullikson settled in third. Zerfas took the fourth point and worked on Gullikson for third. Read was on Becken’s rear for first while they drove away from the pack. Read put the pressure on Becken and took a couple shots at him, but Becken kept him back. Becken held his line and rolled his Tavis Metal and Fabrication sponsored streeter into victory lane with Read, Gullikson, Zerfas and Brad Schmidt in the top five.
David Mastell took the lead when the green dropped for the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds. Jason Hall and Kyle Matuska battled for second as Matuska slid next to Mastell. They ran door to door for first until Matuska nosed ahead. Bud Martini made his way next to Hall for third and they drove right behind Matuska and Mastell. All four drivers went for the lead with Mastell falling back.
Matuska continued to lead the way but Martini grabbed the low line and moved past Matuska. Matuska and Hall were side by side as Martini began to drive away. Hall took second, moved to the high groove, rode the cushion and began to reel in Martini. As the white flew Hall was on Martini’s rear and as they went down the back chute, Hall made the pass for first. Hall took the checkers and rolled his #6 into victory lane for the first time this season. Martini, Matuska, Sabraski and Czech took the top points.
Back to back restarts kept the WISSOTA Mod Fours at a coast, but when the green reappeared it was Ross Mead in the lead. Mike Rau and Abby Garin battled for second with Kyle Thell on their trail. Rau moved into second and aside Mead for the lead and Thell took over third. Thell moved closed in and drove in between Mead and Rau for first. Thell took the lead while Rau handled second. Keith Thell grabbed fourth and slid next to Mead for third. They battled slower drivers and Keith made the pass for third. Keith caught and began to work on Rau for second, but his brother Kyle grabbed the checkers taking another feature win. Rau, Keith Thell, Mead and Hribar were the top five finishers.
The UMSS Sprint cars lined along the front stretch as they prepped for their feature event. Donovan Peterson and Cody Hahn brought the sprints to the green with Hahn in the lead. A quick yellow slowed Hahn down, but he was strong on the restart.
Jerry Richert, Jr. moved into second with Tony Norem in third. Norem made the pass for second with Brooke Tatnell coming through the cars. Tatnell took third and passed Norem for second. Norem however sped up and retook the point.
Sprint cars covered the entire quarter-mile surface and Tatnell was racing three wide and just over the tracks edge to catch Norem. Tatnell’s plan worked as he quickly caught and passed Norem. Tatnell then caught Hahn for the lead as the yellow flew.
Back to back cautions kept the drivers slow, but Hahn was still in the lead. When the green dropped Tatnell pulled a slider on Hahn and took the lead. Norem also passed Hahn for second and was on Tatnell’s wing. Tatnell drove his car hard, got loose and went off the track’s backside allowing Norem to shoot into the lead. However, Dave Becker spun his car on the surface and the yellow flew for Becker.
Tatnell was a lucky guy as he retook his place in the lead with one lap remaining. Tatnell didn’t flinch this round and took the checkers and the win. Norem, Hahn, Richert, Jr., and Chris Graf took the top five points.
Jeremy Nelson and Larry Zeller brought the WISSOTA Modifieds to the flag for their feature with Nelson taking the lead. Jeff Patchen and Zeller battled for second but Zeller cruised the high side and moved next to Nelson. The field of drivers was stacked door to door but again Nelson pulled away as the leader. Zeller held second but Patchen moved to his side. Patchen made the pass while Shane Sabraski moved into third.
The yellow flew slowing Nelson down and put Patchen and Sabraski on his rear. When the green dropped Sabraski grabbed the high groove and moved next to Nelson. They raced side by side for first until Sabraski broke away.
Sabraski led through one more caution with Patchen in second. Eric Martini and Dave Cain moved to Nelson’s sides for a three way battle for third. Martini took third and after some work took second. Patchen and Dave Cain battled for third with the checkers raised. Sabraski took the win with Martini, Cain, Patchen and Nelson as the top drivers.
Erik Gruhlke’s 7g hornet took the lead as the final feature of the night began. Both Matthew Dibb and Brandon Opsahl retired to the infield with mechanical issues leaving just five drivers on the track. Jasmin Matthewman drove in second but found the yellow car of Gabby Volkers at her side. After a short battle, Volkers took the point and flew under Gruhlke taking the lead. Dan Rick also passed Matthewman and Gruhlke to claim second while the checkers were raised. Volkers had the cruise control set and took the win with Rick, Gruhlke, Zac Hribar and Matthewman as the finishing drivers.
With only two weeks left of the regular race season, The Princeton Speedway is offering one more kids night next Friday. All kids 12 and under will be free in the grandstands and there will be bike giveaways and fun activities for the kids including projects offered by the people from Home Depot. Stop by the Princeton Speedway next Friday, racing begins at 7pm.
WISSOTA Modifieds
Feature- Shane Sabraski, Eric Martini, Dave Cain, Jeff Patchen, Jeremy Nelson, Dustin Nelson, Larry Zeller, Shawn Fletcher, J.B. Stortz, Toby Patchen, Andy Jones, Tony Proell
Heat 1- J. Nelson, Cain, D. Nelson, J. Patchen, T. Patchen, J.T. Johnson
Heat 2- Martini, Sabraski, Stortz, Zeller, Jones, Fletcher, Proell
WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds
Feature- Jason Hall, Bud Martini, Kyle Matuska, Shane Sabraski, Denis Czech, Danny Vang, Jeremy Nelson, Tyler English, David Mastell, Ryan Putnam, Dave Siercks, Gino Fontecchio, Jacob Toepper, Elizabeth Toepper, Larry Paulson
Heat 1- Mastell, Czech, Vang, Putnam, English, J. Toepper, E. Toepper
Heat 2- Matuska, Siercks, Hall, Martini, Sabraski, Fontecchio, Paulson
WISSOTA Street Stocks
Feature- Kurt Becken, Dave Read, Jim Gullikson, Pat Zerfas, Brad Schmidt, Justin Pogones, Jon Gunderson, James Becker, Amanda Milbrandt, Evan Neumann
Heat 1- Gullikson, Read, Milbrandt, Schmidt, Becker
Heat 2- Pogones, Zerfas, Gunderson, Becken, Neumann
Feature- Kyle Thell, Mike Rau, Keith Thell, Ross Mead, Mitch Hribar, Abby Garin, Andy Mayavski, Nick Jelacie, Dan Kastner, Courtney Murray
Heat 1- Hribar, Ke. Thell, Mead, Kastner, Murray
Heat 2- Ky. Thell, Rau, Garin, Mayavski, Jelacie
Feature- Gabby Volkers, Dan Rick, Erik Gruhlke, Zac Hribar, Jasmin Matthewman, Brandon Opsahl, Matthew Dibb
Heat- Opsahl, Dibb, Volkers, Gruhlke, Matthewman, Hribar, Rick
UMSS Sprint Cars
Feature- Brooke Tatnell, Tony Norem, Cody Hahn, Jerry Richert, Jr., Chris Graf, Donovan Peterson, Davey Heskin, Leigh Thomas, Lee Grosz, Sye Anderson, Rick Kobs, Joseph Kouba, Ryan Wilson, Jennifer Eriksen, Gunner Cummings, James Broty, Tony Kaus, Troy Manteufel, Jordan Wilmes, Neal Matuska, Victory Knutson, Reed Allex, Dave Becker
Challenge Race 1- Hahn, Grosz, Graf, Heskin, Kobs, Richert, Jr., Thomas, Matuska, Wilmes, Knutson, Wilson, Allex, McVitty
Challenge Race 2- Tatnell, Anderson, Norem, Kouba, Peterson, Manteufel, Cummings, Eriksen, Broty, Becker, Kaus, Goerges, Joe Kouba, Jason Tostenson
Heat 1- Richert, Jr., Tatnell, Graf, Kouba, Cody Hahn, Reed Allex, Knutson, Eriksen, Tostenson
Heat 2- Norem, Heskin, Becker, Wilson, Anderson, Matuska, Cumming, Wilmes, McVitty
Heat 3- Grosz, Peterson, Thomas, Manteufel, Kobs, Kaus, Joe Kouba, Broty, Goerges
Kouba Memorial Race - Friday, August 16th

The UMSS Winged Sprint Cars will be making their second appearance of the season at Princeton for the Kouba Memorial Race. Along with the sprint cars, the night will feature the WISSOTA Modifieds, Midwest Modifieds, Street Stocks, Mod Fours and Hornets.

Even with the added Sprint car entertainment, there will be no increase in Pit prices, and only a slight increase of 2.00 for adults and seniors in the grandstands. Fans can still use their free passes they have, but will have to pay the additional fee.

August 9th, 2013
By: Tami Jo Kuehn

Princeton, MN (August 9) – The Princeton Speedway took a week off from racing to host the Mille Lacs County Fair, however Friday the 16 will be jammed with great WISSOTA Amsoil Dirt Track Racing Series action.

The UMSS Winged Sprint Cars will be making their second appearance of the season at Princeton for the Kouba Memorial Race. Along with the sprint cars, the night will feature the WISSOTA Modifieds, Midwest Modifieds, Street Stocks, Mod Fours and Hornets.

Even with the added Sprint car entertainment, there will be no increase in Pit prices, and only a slight increase of 2.00 for adults and seniors in the grandstands. Fans can still use their free passes they have, but will have to pay the additional fee.

The regular race season is quickly coming to an end with only a few nights left. August 23 will feature another kid’s night with extra activities and prizes for kids. August 30 will be Season Championship night at the Princeton Speedway where we will crown our 2013 champions. A couple of classes have very close point battles, so championship night is sure to bring out the best in the drivers.

Even though the regular season will be wrapped up, the Princeton Speedway isn’t done and will host its first ever WISSOTA Racing two day show.

September 20 and 21 will be the inaugural P-Town Showdown. Friday and Saturday nights will feature two complete shows of racing action with WISSOTA Modifieds, Super Stocks, Midwest Modifieds, Street Stocks, Mod Fours and Hornets on the agenda.

Both nights will have increased payout and there will be a winner’s bonus. If you race and win both nights of the Showdown you will get the bonus. Also, there will not be any extra draw or entry fees for drivers, just a pit pass is all a driver will need.

The Princeton Speedway has plenty of space for racers, fans and camping. There is onsite room for people to camp at the track, so there’s no need to leave and no excuse not to race both nights.

For more information, check out the website at or on facebook by searching Princeton Speedway.

With the racing season slowing coming to a close, there is still a lot going on at the Princeton Speedway, so head on out to the Bullring for some high flying dirt track race action.
August 2nd - Recap
By: Tami Jo Kuehn
Princeton, MN (August 2) – Sunny skies welcomed racers and fans to the Princeton Speedway for a night of WISSOTA Amsoil Dirt Track Racing Series action. The night featured an antique car show along with driver “couples” interviews. It was also the Race of Champions qualifier night with Brad Schmidt, Dan Gullikson, Bud Martini, Dave Cain and Kyle Thell taking WISSOTA wins and Matthew Dibb took the hornet win.
Brad Schmidt and Pat Zerfas brought the WISSOTA Street Stocks to the line as the green flew. Schmidt grabbed the lead while Zerfas and Ben Rothstein battled for second. Rothstein took second while Justin Pogones moved to Zerfas’ door. Pogones took third and moved next to Rothstein. They ran door to door a few laps until Pogones took the point. Schmidt ran strong in the lead while Pogones began to chase him down. Schmidt held the lead and took the lead with Pogones, Rothstein, Rod deBernardeaux, and Kurt Becken in the top five.
The WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds took the track with Tyler English, Kevin Schmidt and Ryan Putnam three wide for first. Schmidt and English broke away and battled for first with Bud Martini moving in. Putnam rejoined the leaders and they battled for top points. Schmidt pulled away as the leader with Martini on his trail. Martini quickly stole the lead with Schmidt, Putnam, Dave Siercks and English as the top five. Putnam moved to Siercks’ side, took second, and quickly closed in on Martini. The white was waving as Flyin’ Ryan Putnam caught Martini. As they grabbed the checkers, Martini took the win with Putnam, Siercks, Schmidt and English as the top finishers.
Three cautions kept the WISSOTA Mod Fours at a coast, but Brandon Linquist was in charge when the green flew. Keith Thell and Chad Funt fought for second and Thell took the point. Funt didn’t back down and soon moved back to Thell’s door. Kyle Thell joined them and quickly took second with Funt and Keith behind him. Kyle caught Linquist for the lead, and made the pass. Keith and Funt were back at it for third and they battled lapped traffic. Keith took third but as the white flew Funt made the final pass. Linquist, Funt, Keith Thell, and Jess Geesey took the top positions while Kyle Thell took the win in his GOT MILK? sponsored machine.
The WISSOTA Super Stocks took the clay with Chris Wark and Mike Loomis on the pole. Loomis took the lead with Wark in second. Wark moved right behind Loomis for the lead while Dan Gullikson moved into third. Gullikson closed in on Wark and they ran side by side for second. Gullikson took the point and moved in on Loomis. Gullikson grabbed the high line, passed Loomis and took the lead as the yellow flew for Donnie Lofdahl going off the track’s edge.
Gullikson was first on the restart with Loomis and Wark in tow. Loomis grabbed second while James Trantina battled Wark for third. Trantina took the point and slid behind Loomis but Loomis pulled away. Wark raced back to Trantina’s side and as Trantina tried to keep third, his car slid over the edge allowing Wark to retake third. Gullikson grabbed another win with Loomis, Wark, Tristan Labarge and Joel Collins as the top drivers.
Gabby Volkers shot into the lead as the hornets took the green. Brandon Opsahl moved into second and Lexy Kastner took third. Kastner grabbed the high line and moved next to Opsahl for second. Opsahl and Kastner ran door to door until Kastner took the point. Kastner then drove to Volkers’ door and they fought for first. Opsahl joined Kastner and Volkers for first as Opsahl grabbed the lead. Kastner moved back to Opsahl’s side, and as they rounded turn four Kastner drifted high and caught the tracks edge sending her into a roll. The drivers stopped and track personnel attended to Kastner. Kastner was ok and Opsahl retook the lead. Matthew Dibb moved into second and took over the lead with few laps to go. Dibb drove away getting a clean sweep for the night.
Jeff Patchen and Dustin Nelson brought the WISSOTA Modifieds on the track for the night’s final race. Nelson grabbed the lead with Patchen and Jeff Broking in tow. Dave Cain took fourth and quickly passed Broking for third. Patchen moved to Nelson’s side for first as Cain closed in behind them. While they battled for first Broking, J.B. Stortz and Eric Martini battled three wide for fourth. Patchen passed Nelson and took the lead while Cain ran aside Nelson. Stortz, Martini and Broking continued to battle for fourth as Stortz broke away from them. Patchen began to lap slower cars while Cain chased him down. Patchen held him off and with three laps to go, Cain was at Patchen’s door. Cain made the pass and took the lead with Patchen falling to second. Cain’s Tim’s Automotive sponsored car was unstoppable as he took the checkers and his second feature win at Princeton in a row. Patchen, Nelson, Stortz and Martini took top points.
The Princeton Speedway will take the night of August 9 off, but will be back on the 16 with the Kouba Memorial Race night. The night will feature the Winged Sprint cars along with the Modifieds, Midwest Modifieds, Street Stocks, Mod Fours and hornets. Racing will resume at 7 pm.
WISSOTA Modifieds
Feature- Dave Cain, Jeff Patchen, Dustin Nelson, J.B. Stortz, Eric Martini, Jeff Broking, Erik Peterson, Don Eischens, Larry Zeller, Toby Patchen, Tony Proell, Mike Kyllonen, Joel Collins, Tim Alexander
Heat 1- Zeller, Cain, Stortz, J. Patchen, Proell, Alexander, Peterson
Heat 2- Nelson, Martini, T. Patchen, Broking, Eischens, Kyllonen, Collins
WISSOTA Super Stocks
Feature- Dan Gullikson, Mike Loomis, Chris Wark, Tristan Labarge, James Trantina, Joel Collins, Donnie Lofdahl, Kyle Robideau, Tim Patchen, Ed Wheeler
Heat 1- Loomis, Lofdahl, Labarge, Robideau, Patchen, Wheeler
Heat 2- Gullikson, Collins, Wark, Trantina, Frolik
WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds
Feature- Bud Martini, Ryan Putnam, Dave Siercks, Kevin Schmidt, Tyler English, Kyle Matuska, Gino Fontecchio, Jacob Toepper, Cory Bauman
Heat- Putnam, Martini, Siercks, Schmidt, English, Fontecchio, Matuska, Bauman, Toepper
WISSOTA Street Stocks
Feature- Brad Schmdit, Justin Pogones, Ben Rothstein, Rod deBernardeaux, Kurt Becken, Pat Zerfas, Amanda Milbrandt, Dave Read
Heat- Zerfas, Pogones, deBernardeaux, Rothstein, Schmidt, Becken, Milbrandt, Read
Feature- Kyle Thell, Brandon Linquist, Chad Funt, Keith Thell, Jess Geesey, Mitch Hribar, Andy Nelson, Mike Rau, Ross Mead, Andy Mayavski, Abby Garin, Nick Jelacie, Dan Kastner, Courtney Murray, Gerry Nohner
Heat 1- Ky. Thell, Nelson, Funt, Linquist, Garin, Nohner, Kastner, Murray
Heat 2- Hribar, Geesey, Ke. Thell, Rau, Mayavski, Jelacie, Mead
Princeton Hornets
Feature- Matthew Dibb, Brandon Opsahl, Gabby Volkers, Ariel Mueller, Chris Kenney, Lexy Kastner, Erik Gruhlke, Jake Bayerl, Zac Hribar, Jasmin Matthewman
Heat 1- Dibb, Hribar, Keeney, Mueller, Matthewman
Heat 2- Volkers, Opsahl, Kastner, Bayerl, Gruhlke
Recap of July 19th, 2013
By: Tami Jo Kuehn
Princeton, MN (July 19) – Bikes were given away, kids were Jr. announcers, fans and flag people, but above all the Kids night was jam packed with exciting WISSOTA Amsoil Dirt Track Racing Series action. Side by side battles filled each feature race, but in the end the Martini brothers Bud and Eric as well as Brad Schmidt, Landon Atkinson, James Trantina and Dannie Burkholder took home trophies.
The WISSOTA Street Stocks kicked off the night’s features with Pat Zerfas and Ben Rothstein on the front row. Rothstein grabbed the lead while Zerfas, John Adams and Brad Schmidt battled three wide for second. The field was stacked three and four wide as the X3 of Rod deBernardeaux went off the tracks exit and caught the wall and sat at an angle. Track and safety crews rushed to deBernardeaux, he was ok but unable to race.
Rothstein was first on the restart with Schmidt and Adams in tow. Schmidt took second and moved to Rothstein’s bumper and quickly took the lead. Kurt Becken and Jim Gullikson were door to door for second as they moved to Rothstein’s sides. Becken was on the low groove when contact was made and Rothstein spun around. Becken was charged with the caution as Schmidt retook the green. Schmidt was in charge while Rothstein and Gullikson fought for the second point. Schmidt took the checkers and his first win at Princeton this season with Rothstein, Gullikson, Pogones and James Becker in the top points.
Chad Fouquette and Gino Fontecchio led the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds to the line and Ryan Putnam joined them when the green flew. They ran three wide for first with Putnam taking the lead. Fouquette grabbed second while Shane Sabraski battled Mark Froehlich for third. The yellow flew for Brandon Hines taking on a track tire and the drivers were realigned.
Putnam was first on the restart but unfortunately he jumped it and was docked two points. Fouquette assumed the lead with Sabraski in second. Bud Martini moved next to Sabraski and quickly made the pass. Martini then took a look at Fouquette as they drove door to door. Martini was quicker and took the lead as the yellow flew. Martini was first on the restart and Danny Vang moved into second. Vang tried to make a pass on Martini, but Martini drove away taking the checkers. Vang, Fouquette, Tyler English and Putnam took the top points.
The WISSOTA Mod Fours were next up to race with Mitch Hribar leading the way. Hribar took first with Keith Thell in second. Brandon Linquist and Chad Funt battled for fourth and moved to Abby Garin’s sides for third. Funt made the pass while Landon Atkinson took fourth. Hribar ran the low groove and hit a track tire causing the yellow to fly.
Thell took the lead position on the restart and Atkinson grabbed the high line. Atkinson passed Funt and then Thell for the lead. Funt also passed Thell for second making Keith battle his brother Kyle Thell for third. The yellow flew again and Atkinson held the lead through three cautions. Atkinson took the win with Funt, Kyle Thell, Hribar and Linquist in the top five.
The WISSOTA Super Stocks awed the crowd with a caution free feature. James Trantina and Mike Loomis took the green and Loomis sped into the lead. Trantina, Mike Frolik, Kyle Robideau and Dexton Koch battled for top points as Trantina broke away. Trantina locked in second while Shane Sabraski moved through the traffic. Sabraski took third and closed in on Trantina. Trantina however had his eyes set on Loomis as he slid next to him.
Loomis and Trantina ran door to door a couple laps until Trantina pulled away. Trantina became the leader as Sabraski passed Loomis for second. Sabraski closed in on Trantina, and they ran panel to panel the remaining laps. With the checkers raised, Trantina crossed the line first taking his first feature win ever. Sabraski, Dan Gullikson, Frolik and Loomis took the top points.
Erik Peterson and Larry Zeller led the WISSOTA Modifieds on the track, and as they green dropped they battled for first. Trent Follmer moved into third as Zeller took the lead. Follmer and Peterson battled for second with Eric Martini and Dustin Nelson at it for fourth. Martini took fourth and moved next to Peterson for third. Martini began to work all grooves of the track to catch Follmer as Peterson slid over the tracks edge bringing the yellow out.
Zeller pulled away when the green reappeared while Follmer and Martini fought for second. Follmer and Martini crept in on Zeller and they all went for first. Zeller and Martini pulled away and Martini took the lead. Zeller however did not back down and quickly moved to Martini’s door. Zeller ran high and Martini ran low as Zeller nosed ahead enough to take the point. Zeller was too high on the track and slid off allowing Martini to blast off into the lead. Zeller came back keeping the race green and was in third. Zeller closed in on Follmer until the lack of cushion got him again and he went over. The yellow flew and cars were realigned with Martini in front for the green white checkered restart. Martini led the final lap and took the win with Sabraski, Follmer, J.B. Stortz and Nelson as the top drivers.
Jasmin Matthewman and Dannie Burkholder brought the Hornets to the green for the final race of the night. Burkholder quickly grabbed the lead with Zac Hribar in second and Erik Gruhlke in third. Burkholder immediately sped away putting a lot of air between him and Hribar. Brandon Opsahl moved into third and closed in on Hribar while Matthew Dibb broke into the top five. Dibb and Gabby Volkers went three wide with Gruhlke and Dibb took the point. Dibb then moved to Opsahl’s door and they battled for third. Opsahl and Dibb moved in on Hribar for second with the white waving. Opsahl, Dibb and Hribar ran three wide but as the checkers waved. Dibb took second with Hribar, Opsahl and Volkers behind him as Staff Sargent Dannie Burkholder drove his #21 into victory lane.
Racing will resume next Friday at 7 pm.
WISSOTA Modifieds
Feature- Eric Martini, Shane Sabraski, Trent Follmer, J.B. Stortz, Dustin Nelson, Toby Patchen, Jeff Patchen, Andy Simonson, Jeffrey Lien, Jr., Terry Hanson, Tony Proell, Mike Kyllonen, Larry Zeller, Erik Peterson
Heat 1- Stortz, Peterson, Martini, Lien, Jr., Hanson, J. Patchen, Kyllonen
Heat 2- Sabraski, Follmer, Nelson, Zeller, Simonson, T. Patchen, Proell
WISSOTA Super Stocks
Feature- James Trantina, Shane Sabraski, Dan Gullikson, Mike Frolik, Mike Loomis, Dexton Koch, Chris Wark, Kyle Robideau, Tyler Mecl, Josh Schmit, Tim Patchen
Heat 1- Trantina, Robideau, Loomis, Mecl, Schmit, Patchen
Heat 2- Gullikson, Sabraski, Frolik, Koch, Wark
WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds
Feature- Bud Martini, Danny Vang, Chad Fouquette, Tyler English, Ryan Putnam, Dave Siercks, Jason Hall, Mark Froehlich, Tom Gill, Gino Fontecchio, Shane Sabraski, Elizabeth Toepper, Jacob Toepper, Justin Tanner, Cory Bauman, Larry Paulson, Brandon Hines
Heat 1- Sabraski, Froehlich, Fouquette, Siercks, Hines, Bauman
Heat 2- Vang, Putnam, Gill, Hall, J. Toepper, Paulson
Heat 3- Fontecchio, Martini, English, Tanner, E. Toepper
WISSOTA Street Stocks
Feature- Brad Schmidt, Ben Rothstein, Jim Gullikson, Justin Pogones, James Becker, Pat Zerfas, Kurt Becken, Dave Read, John Adams, Amanda Milbrandt, Russell Peterson, Jon Gunderson, Allen Gessell, Jr., Rod deBernardeaux,
Heat 1- Gullikson, Becken, Rothstein, Zerfas, Read, Becker, Gessell, Jr.
Heat 2- Pogones, deBernardeaux, Adams, Schmidt, Milbrandt, Peterson, Gunderson
Feature- official results unavailable pending tech
Heat 1- Hribar, Ke. Thell, Ky. Thell, Linquist, Ray, Murray
Heat 2- Atkinson, Funt, Garin, Mead, Jelacie
Princeton Hornets
Feature- Dannie Burkholder, Matthew Dibb, Zac Hribar, Brandon Opsahl, Gabby Volkers, Erik Gruhlke, Lexy Kastner, Jasmin Matthewman, Drew Johnson, Ariel Mueller, Jake Bayerl
Heat 1- Burkholder, Opsahl, Gruhlke, Kastner, Bayerl, Johnson
Heat 2- Dibb, Matthewman, Volkers, Hribar, Mueller
Recap of July 12th

By: Tami Jo Kuehn
Princeton, MN (July 12) – Friday night WISSOTA Amsoil Dirt Track Racing Series action was in full swing at the Princeton Speedway with some exciting yet tough battles taking place. Justin Pogones, Jason VandeKamp, Kyle Thell, Dan Gullikson, Eric Martini and Gabby Volkers won those battles and took home features wins.
The WISSOTA Street Stocks rolled on the track for the night’s first feature. John Adams and Justin Pogones led the way and Pogones shot into the lead as the green flew. Adams grabbed second and Kurt Becken took third while Adams raced to Pogones’ side. Pogones held off Adams keeping first and Becken passed Adams for second. Dave Read moved in and battled Adams for third as Becken chased down the #01. Becken rode Pogones’ bumper, but Pogones put his foot down and pulled away. Pogones and Becken had a good lead, but Read claimed third and closed in on them. Read was working on Becken for second as the checkers were waved. Pogones drove his Northway Sports sponsored streeter into victory lane for the third time at Princeton. Becken, Read, Jim Gullikson and Adams took the top points.
Cory Bauman took the lead when the green dropped for the WISSOTA Midwest Modified feature. Gino Fontecchio grabbed second with Bud Martini, Ryan Putnam and Jason Hall going for third. Putnam moved to the high groove and passed everyone taking the lead. Martini moved into second but the yellow flew. The restart had Putnam in command, but Martini and Jason VandeKamp joined him going three wide for the point.
Putnam retained the lead but Martini and VandeKamp kept close battling for second. Martini took over second, but VandeKamp didn’t back down. VandeKamp was back at Martini’s door as they rounded the bullring. Putnam was three wheeling around turn two as he drifted high and went over the edge. The yellow flew and Putnam gave up is lead. VandeKamp was first on the restart with Martini moving to his door. VandeKamp pulled away this round and took the checkers with Martini, Chad Fouquette, Jason Hall and Dave Siercks as the top drivers.
Mitch Hribar drove away from the competition as the WISSOTA Mod Fours took the green. Tommy Bawden moved to Hribar’s door for the lead, but Hribar quickly pulled away. The Thell Brothers of Keith and Kyle moved next to Chad Funt for third and they ran three wide. Kyle Thell took the point and passed Bawden for second as the yellow waved.
Hribar lead through three cautions with Bawden and Kyle Thell behind him. Thell drove to Hribar’s side for the lead, but again Hribar sped away. Landon Atkinson joined Thell for second as the white flew. Hribar grabbed the white, and with two turns left, his car flew over the tracks edge bringing out a yellow. Hribar coasted to the back of the field with Thell and Atkinson going for first. Thell took the win with Atkinson, Bawden, Brandon Linquist and Keith Thell as the top finishers.
Kyle Robideau and Chris Wark brought the WISSOTA Super Stocks on the track for the next feature. Wark and Robideau battled for first with Dan Gullikson and Dave Mass joining in. Robideau, Wark, Mass and Gullikson ran their Supers four wide around the little Princeton Speedway. Gullikson broke away claiming the lead with Wark holding second. Mass took third and Shane Sabraski passed Robideau grabbing fourth. Mass moved to the high groove and ran parallel with Wark for second. Sabraski also took the high line and ran behind Mass. Mass, Wark and Sabraski all went for second, as Mass nosed ahead. The high line was faster as Sabraski took third and Wark fell to fourth. Sabraski began to make his move on Mass, but the checkers were flying for Gullikson who took the win. Mass, Sabraski, Wark and Robideau took the top five points.
Erik Gruhlke and Zac Hribar battled for first as the Hornets took the track. Gabby Volkers broke her way through the traffic and took the lead with Matthew Dibb following her lead. Dibb claimed second and Hribar held third, but Brandon Mehrwerth moved into fourth and took third from Hribar. Volkers drove away and put her bright yellow #24 into victory lane with Dibb, Mehrwerth and Hribar as the top four.
The WISSOTA Modifieds grabbed everyone’s attention as Toby Patchen, Dave Mass, Eric Martini and Mike Kyllonen went four wide as the green dropped. Three laps went by with all four drivers fighting for the lead when finally Kyllonen broke away. Martini took second and moved to Kyllonen’s side. Martini took the point as Mass and Shane Sabraski ran door to door for third and moved next to Kyllonen. They ran three wide for second as the yellow flew.
The drivers were sorted with Martini leading the way. Mass took second while Dave Cain joined Kyllonen and Sabraski for third. Kyllonen fell back giving Cain and Sabraski the chance to duke it out. Mass moved aside Martini for first while Cain and Sabraski battled for third. Mass just didn’t have the snuff as Martini pulled away again. Cain and Sabraski continued to run door to door until Cain finally broke away and locked in third with few laps to go. Mass gave it one more run at Martini, but Martini held him back and took the win. Mass, Cain, Sabraski and Trent Follmer took the top points.
Next Friday is Kids Night and Meet the Drivers night at the Princeton Speedway. The night will feature events for the kids as well as a prolonged intermission for kids to join drivers on the track for a night of fun. Racing will resume at 7pm.
WISSOTA Modifieds
Feature- Eric Martini, Dave Mass, Dave Cain, Shane Sabraski, Trent Follmer, Dustin Nelson, Toby Patchen, Mike Kyllonen, Charlie Hillukka, J.B. Stortz, Ryan Canon, Larry Zeller, Shawn Fletcher, Tony Proell
Heat 1- Patchen, Martini, Stortz, Kyllonen, Canon, Nelson, Fletcher
Heat 2- Cain, Hillukka, Mass, Sabraski, Zeller, Follmer, Proell
WISSOTA Super Stocks
Feature- Dan Gullikson, Dave Mass, Shane Sabraski, Chris Wark, Kyle Robideau, Dave Read, Dexton Koch, Tyler Mecl, Marcus Simonson, Tim Patchen
Heat 1- Mecl, Sabraski, Robideau, Koch, Read
Heat 2- Gullikson, Wark, Mass, Simonson, Patchen
WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds
Feature- Jason VandeKamp, Bud Martini, Chad Fouquette, Jason Hall, Dave Siercks, Tyler English, Corey Koenig, Gino Fontecchio, Jacob Toepper, Ryan Putnam, Cory Bauman, Elizabeth Toepper, Larry Paulson
Heat 1- VandeKamp, Martini, Bauman, Hall, Koenig, Paulson, E. Toepper
Heat 2- Siercks, Putnam, Fontecchio, English, J. Toepper
WISSOTA Street Stocks
Feature- Justin Pogones, Dave Read, Kurt Becken, Jim Gullikson, John Adams, Brad Schmidt, Ryan Kostreba, Rod deBernardeaux, Pat Zerfas, Jon Gunderson, Amanda Milbrandt
Heat 1- Read, deBernardeaux, Zerfas, Kostreba, Gunderson, Schmidt
Heat 2- Gullikson, Pogones, Becken, Adams, Milbrandt
Feature- Kyle Thell, Landon Atkinson, Tommy Bawden, Brandon Linquist, Keith Thell, Ross Mead, Andy Mayavski, Dave Bawden, Jr., Logan Draack, Nick Jelacie, Chad Funt, Dan Kastner, Courtney Murray, Mitch Hribar, Mike Rau, Andy Nelson, Corry VanMil
Heat 1- Atkinson, Nelson, Bawden, Mayavski, Mead, Kastner,
Heat 2- VanMil, Hribar, Funt, Draack, Bawden, Jr., Murray
Heat 3- Ky. Thell, Linquist, Ke. Thell, Rau, Jelacie
Princeton Hornets
Feature- Gabby Volkers, Matthew Dibb, Brandon Mehrwerth, Zac Hribar, Erik Gruhlke, Jasmin Matthewman, Alicia Moonet, Ariel Mueller
Heat- Dibb, Volkers, Gruhlke, Mehrwerth, Hribar, Matthewman, Moonet, Mueller

Recap of July 5th, 2013
Speedway hosts Amsoil Dirt Track Racing Series
By Tami Jo Kuehn

Fans were treated to more than just a regular night of WISSOTA Amsoil Dirt Track Racing Series action Friday night at the Princeton Speedway. Among the regular scheduled program of all six classes, the track ran all four make-up features from June 21, making it a night of ten features. Dan Gullikson, Bud Martini and Kyle Thell all took home double feature wins with Eric Martini, Andy Jones, Kurt Becken and Matthew Dibb all taking home singles.

The first feature of the night was the make-up feature for the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds. Ryan Putnam and Dave Siercks brought the drivers to the line and they battled as the green flew. Putnam grabbed the lead with Bud Martini moving into second. Putnam cruised around the quarter mile bull ring leaving his left front at home, but he spun out and the yellow flew. Martini assumed the lead and led through a series of cautions. Martini held his lead with Siercks and Matuska behind him. Putnam made his way back into the top five and as the checkers flew. Martini took the win with Siercks, Matuska, Putnam and Jeffrey Lien, Jr. in the top positions.

After a first lap caution in the WISSOTA Mod Four make-up feature, Kyle Thell took the lead with Brandon Linquist in second and Mitch Hribar battling Dean Larson for third. Thell immediately stretched out a lead but the yellow flew for Dan Kastner spinning in turn two.

Thell was first on the restart with Larson taking over second. Landon Atkinson moved into fourth and took third from Hribar. Atkinson took second and moved right behind Thell. With the white flying Atkinson was giving Thell all he had, but Thell held the lead and took the win. Atkinson settled in second with Cory VanMil, Keith Thell and Brandon Linquist in the top five.

Donnie Lofdahl and Dan Gullikson brought the WISSOTA Super Stocks to the green and Gullikson quickly took the lead. Dave Read moved into second with Lofdahl and Dexton Koch going for third. Read was on Gullikson’s bumper and he went to his side for first. Gullikson pulled away as Lofdahl’s car went off the tracks high side and the yellow waved.

Gullikson was first on the restart with Sabraski and Read in tow. Read again grabbed second with Sabraski getting third. Read and Sabraski followed Gullikson’s lead as they drove away from the competition. Read made a few pokes at Gullikson to try and take the lead, but Gullikson held the line. As the checkers were raised, Sabraski moved to Read’s door and they crossed the line side by side. Gullikson took the make-up feature win with Read in second and Sabraski, Kyle Robideau and Mike Loomis rounding out the top five.

The WISSOTA Modifieds were the final make-up feature of the night with Andy Jones and Larry Zeller in charge. Jones, Zeller and Sabraski went three-wide for the lead as the green flew and Jones took the point. Jones began to pull away while Zeller took second and J.B. Stortz grabbed third. As the drivers went through turn three, Todd Lofgren went sideways tying up Dustin Nelson and Andy Gordon bringing the yellow out.

Jones was first on the restart with J.B. Stortz in second. Shane Sabraski moved into third while Jeffrey Lien, Jr. took fourth. Jones, Stortz and Sabraski began to pull away, but Sabraski went off the tracks edge. Jones kept the lead as the green reappeared with Stortz and Lien, Jr. behind him. Jones won the feature even with Stortz, Lien, Jr., Shawn Fletcher and Andy Gordon in the top five.

Lexy Kastner and Brennon Gave led the Hornets on the track for the next feature. Matthew Dibb quickly worked his way from fourth into the lead and didn’t look behind him. Zac Hribar ran in second with Dannie Burkholder and Erik Gruhlke behind him. With few laps to go, Burkholder was forced into the infield which he took advantage of and came back on the track maintaing fourth. Burkholder moved to Gruhlke’s side and battled for third while Dibb grabbed the win. Hribar finished in second with Burkholder, Gruhlke and Quain Bustizky in the top points.

The WISSOTA Street Stocks kicked off the nights regular features with Amanda Milbrandt and Kurt Becken in the lead. Becken grabbed first with Brad Schmidt taking second. Kyle Howland and Ryan Kostreba battled for third as the first yellow flew. The feature would host six cautions making it tough for drivers to make moves. Kurt Becken kept his lead through the cautions while Schmidt held second. Ryan Kostreba locked in third while Justin Pogones and Kyle Howland battled for fourth. Howland took the point and Pogones settled in fifth while the race progressed. Becken, Schmidt, Kostreba, Howland and Pogones ran that order the majority of the race and finished in those same positions with Kurt Becken taking the trophy home.

Kyle Thell, Andy Mayavski and Dean Larson all battled for first as the green dropped for the WISSOTA Mod Four Feature. Mayavski grabbed the lead with Thell holding close in second. Thell moved to Mayavski’s side and quickly took the lead with Luke Johnson, Larson and Corry VanMil battling for third. A caution slowed the drivers down and put Johnson and Mayavski on Thell’s rear. Thell quickly pulled away when the lights went green and Mayavski took second.

Landon Atkinson made his way into the top points, moved passed Larson and to Mayavki’s side. Atkinson took second and started to chase down Thell who was a straight-away away. Atkinson caught Thell with two laps to go, but Thell was able to hold him back and took his second feature win of the night. Atkinson, Johnson, VanMil and Mayavski took the top five points.

The WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds were up and they ran their feature flag to flag. 14 year old Jeffrey Lien, Jr. grabbed the lead when the green flew with Dave Siercks making his way into second. Siercks ran on Lien, Jr.’s rear and they pulled away from others. Kyle Matuska moved into third, but Bud Martini moved into fourth, and then third. Martini slid passed Siercks taking second and was soon at Lien, Jr.’s side. Lien, Jr. gave Martini a challenge, but Martini pulled away claiming the lead.

Siercks now moved next to Lien, Jr. and they ran door to door for second. The laps ticked by and Lien, Jr. and Siercks were still side by side. Two laps remained when Martini began to lap, but all eyes were glued on Lien, Jr. and Siercks fighting for that second point. As Martini took the checkered flag Lien, Jr. gave it all he had and crossed the finish line ahead of Siercks getting second. Todd Rizer and Kyle Matuska finished out the top five.

The WISSOTA Super Stocks followed the Midwest Mod’s and also ran a caution free feature. Donnie Lofdahl claimed the lead when the green flew with Dan Gullikson, Josh Schmit and Chris Wark going three wide for second. Wark and Gullikson broke away from Schmit but they kept the fight for second going. Gullikson locked in second and Wark claimed third with Dexton Koch and Kevin Burdick battling for fourth. Gullikson moved to Lofdahl’s door for first and after a short battle he took the lead. Gullikson immediately drove away from the others as Wark began to work on Lofdahl. Koch and Shane Sabraski moved in on Wark’s rear and Wark turned his attention to them.

Koch ran the high side and Sabraski was sneaking down low as Wark tried to hold them back. Koch was first at making the pass taking third, and then Sabraski made his pass putting Wark back in fifth. Koch took second from Lofdahl and Sabraski followed also passing Lofdahl. Gullikson caught some slower cars, but weaved through them with one lap to go. Gullikson took the win with Koch, Sabraski, Lofdahl and Wark taking the top points.

Jeff Patchen and Jeffrey Lien, Jr. took first and second as the green flew for the final feature of the night. Andy Jones moved into third and next to Lien, Jr. for second but Lien, Jr. kept him back in third. Jones, Dustin Nelson and Eric Martini were three wide for third with Jones and Martini breaking away. Martini and Jones went door to door for a couple laps until Martini took the point. Martini then passed Lien, Jr. getting second with Jones following his path. The yellow flew for a few drivers going over the track’s edge and the drivers were realigned.

Patchen was still in the lead with Lien, Jr. and Martini behind him. Martini took over second and Lien, Jr. battled Shane Sabraski for third. Sabraski grabbed third while Martini was next to Patchen. Martini moved around Patchen taking the lead with Sabraski closing in. Jones and Lien, Jr. had been battling for fourth, but with few laps to go, Jones locked it in. The race came to an end with Martini taking the WISSOTA Modified feature win followed by Patchen, Sabraski, Jones and Lien, Jr.

Racing will resume next Friday at 7pm with gates opening at 5.

WISSOTA Modifieds
Feature- Eric Martini, Jeff Patchen, Shane Sabraski, Andy Jones, Jeffrey Lien, Jr., Andy Gordon, J.B. Stortz, Dustin Nelson, Larry Zeller, Logan Atkinson, Shawn Fletcher, Tony Proell, Todd Lofgren
Heat 1- Stortz, Jones, Gordon, Lien, Jr., Atkinson, Fletcher, Lofgren
Heat 2- Martini, Sabraski, Patchen, Nelson, Zeller, Proell
Make-Up Feature- Andy Jones, J.B. Stortz, Jeffrey Lien, Jr., Shawn Fletcher, Andy Gordon, Todd Lofgren, Shane Sabraski, Larry Zeller, Dustin Nelson

WISSOTA Super Stocks
Feature- Dan Gullikson, Dexton Koch, Shane Sabraski, Donnie Lofdahl, Chris Wark, Kyle Robideau, Kevin Burdick, Dave Read, Adam Ayotte, Mike Loomis, James Trantina, Josh Schmit, Denny Schouveller, Jeff Frey, Joel Collins
Heat 1- Gullikson, Lofdahl, Read, Schmit, Frey, Schouveller, Collins, Ayotte
Heat 2- Sabraski, Wark, Koch, Burdick, Robideau, Trantina, Loomis
Make-Up Feature- Dan Gullikson, Dave Read, Shane Sabraski, Kyle Robideau, Mike Loomis, Adam Ayotte, Dexton Koch, Donnie Lofdahl, Josh Schmit

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds
Feature- Bud Martini, Jeffrey Lien, Jr., Dave Siercks, Todd Rizer, Kyle Matuska, Tyler English, Jacob Toepper, Jason Hall, Ryan Putnam, Elizabeth Toepper, Gino Fontecchio, Larry Paulson, Colbie Gallipo
Heat 1- Martini, Rizer, Matuska, Lien, Jr., Putnam, Paulson, Gallip
Heat 2- Siercks, English, Hall, J. Toepper, Fontecchio, E. Toepper
Make-Up Feature- Bud Martini, Dave Siercks, Kyle Matuska, Ryan Putnam, Jeffrey Lien, Jr., Gino Fontecchio, Tyler English, Josh Paulson, Jacob Toepper, Elizabeth Toepper

WISSOTA Street Stocks
Feature- Kurt Becken, Brad Schmidt, Ryan Kostreba, Kyle Howland, Justin Pogones, John Adams, Pat Zerfas, Tom Anderson, Lance Ennenga, Amanda Milbrandt, Dave Read
Heat 1- Read, Howland, Kostreba, Schmidt, Adams, Ennena
Heat 2- Becken, Pogones, Zerfas, Milbrandt, Anderson, Nelson

Feature- Kyle Thell, Landon Atkinson, Luke Johnson, Corry VanMil, Andy Mayavski, Dustin Zieske, Dean Larson, Logan Draack, Bryce Bjerken, Brandon Linquist, Keith Thell, Ross Mead, Nick Jelacie, Abby Garin, Courtney Murray, Daniel Kastner, Mitch Hribar
Heat 1- Atkinson, Bjerken, Johnson, Mead, Garin, Jelacie,
Heat 2- VanMil, Larson, Mayavski, Kastner, Murray
Heat 3- Ky. Thell, Draack, Zieske, Ke. Thell, Linquist
Make-Up Feature- Kyle Thell, Landon Atkinson, Cory VanMil, Keith Thell, Brandon Linquist, Ross Mead, Nick Jelacie, Daniel Kastner, Mitch Hribar, Dean Larson, Courtney Murray, Abby Garin
June 28th - Rained out :(

No one really likes it when old Mother Nature takes the checkers... She did it again on June 28th! If you were at the races and already purchased your wristbands, you may use them either July 5th or July 12th!

Super Stock Make Up Feature will be on July 5th along with all the other make up features from June 21st!

Come out to Princeton Speedway on July 5th for an action packed night FULL of Feature events!!

Make up dates
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2014 Schedule
Date Event Time
4/26 Saturday Practice 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
5/2 Season Opener 7:00 PM
5/3 Saturday Practice 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
5/9 Friday Night Race 7:00 PM
5/16 Armed Forces Night - Free Admission w/Military I.D. 7:00 PM
5/23 Super Stock Special - Don Roseen Memorial 7:00 PM
5/30 Friday Night Race 7:00 PM
6/6 UMSS Sprint Cars - Billy Anderson Memorial 7:00 PM
6/13 Kids Night - Bike Giveaway 7:00 PM
6/20 Advantage RV Modified Tour 7:00 PM
6/27 Friday Night Race 7:00 PM
7/4 4th of July Celebration 7:00 PM
7/11 Friday Night Race 7:00 PM
7/25 Kids Night - Meet the Drivers 7:00 PM
8/1 Race of Champions Qualifier 7:00 PM
8/8 No Race No Race
8/15 UMSS Sprint Cars - Kouba Memorial 7:00 PM
8/22 Friday Night Race 7:00 PM
8/29 Season Championship 7:00 PM
9/18 Thursday Practice 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
9/19 P-TOWN SHOWDOWN Night 1 7:00 PM
9/20 P-TOWN SHOWDOWN Night 2 5:00 PM