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Racing Since2009
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305 Sprints - Winged
Limited Sprints - Winged
Winged Sprints
Quarter Midgets
600cc Winged Micros
600cc Non Winged Micros
350 Sprints - Winged
Senior Honda#7
Senior Animal#7
Light 160
Heavy 160
Light World Formula
Heavy World Formula
World Formula Mod
IMCA RaceSaver Sprint Car


Claimed by

Traci Carlson

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HeatDashB FeatureA Feature
Sprint Car Special featuring the UMSS Sprints and MN Micro Sprints
Owen Carlson (UMSS Winged Sprints)2nd--2nd

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Latest Results

Princeton Speedway7/5/2024WISSOTA Mod Four
Full Results
Princeton Speedway7/5/2024WISSOTA Super Stock
Full Results
Princeton Speedway7/5/2024WISSOTA Modifieds
Full Results
Princeton Speedway7/5/2024WISSOTA Midwest Mods
Full Results
Princeton Speedway7/5/2024WISSOTA Hornet
Full Results
Princeton Speedway6/14/2024Micro Sprints
Full Results
Princeton Speedway6/14/2024WISSOTA Midwest Mods
Full Results
Princeton Speedway6/14/2024WISSOTA Hornet
Full Results
Princeton Speedway6/14/2024WISSOTA Street Stock
Full Results
Princeton Speedway6/14/2024UMSS Winged Sprints
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Princeton Speedway6/7/2024WISSOTA Mod Four
Full Results
Princeton Speedway6/7/2024WISSOTA Modifieds
Full Results
Princeton Speedway6/7/2024WISSOTA Midwest Mods
Full Results
Princeton Speedway6/7/2024WISSOTA Hornet
Full Results
Princeton Speedway6/7/2024WISSOTA Street Stock
Full Results

Current Points

WISSOTA Mod Fouras of 7/5/2024
Full Points
Micro Sprintsas of 6/14/2024
Full Points
WISSOTA Super Stockas of 7/5/2024
Full Points
WISSOTA Modifiedsas of 7/5/2024
Full Points
WISSOTA Midwest Modsas of 7/5/2024
Full Points
Speedway Motors IMCA Weekly Series
Bud  Sons
Crystal Cabinet Works
Pro RPM Performance
Dynamite Off Road Performance
Marvs True Value