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HometownPrinceton, MN
Nicknamebig deal
Racing Since2018
Occupationtruck driver

Driver Bio

Neil Chevalier

About Neil

I had a 20 plus year drug addiction,i now have 5 years clean.a special thanks to the Anderson #1 racing team for putting me back into a hobby that i love and have so much passion for,and also making it possible for me to race, without theme believing in me and showing me so much trust,this would not be possible.remember actions prove more than words.God put the right people in my life it started with law enforcement and the judicial system,i went too prison for 34 months(Gods hotel)it took me off the street from the negative people and from the drugs that took over my life,while i served my time i did a intense treatment program which changed the way think from my core beliefs too how i set up healthy boundaries from negative people and put positive ones in my life.i now have my children and three grandchildren and one on the way to make it four all back in my life.i used to be a pit man for Jay Anderson when i was 15 until 20 or so then life events happened in a negative way leading too drug addiction,i'm so happy too have that behind me and back into racing,and i'm proud to be a pit man for Josh Anderson and the driver off the #127 super stock,yes racing is expensive but so was drug addiction,it cost me my family and i overdosed and died and came back too life and Ialso got shot through both legs from a .038 hand gun in Chicago 2012, addiction was so bad that you would think that would have made me quit,that's how powerful the drug addiction had over my life.the racing community is very positive towards me and it's like one big family with many positive people that surround the sport.i'm not afraid to be open with my past addiction problem with drugs,it is a huge problem in today's world and maybe i can make a difference in someones life,by talking about it and showing it is possible to overcome,and yes i do have a beer every now and then,but only with positive people,my addiction was drugs.I'm a firm believer to chase your dreams and follow your heart cause anything is possible and your dreams may come true!

Career Highlights

made it into the main event at the legendary 100 at the ceder lake speedway 2018,Runner up for rookie of the year Princeton speedway 2018,Three top 5 main events 2018


racing,working on race cars,fabricating race car bodies,camping at dirt tracks across the us and watching races

Crew Members

me ,myself and I and occasionally the Anderson's


Northland crane service, Bedrock bar and grill, Flinstones lounge, Moe Agency, Central Minnedsota Sealcoating, Handi vans wheelchair transportation

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IMCA Hobby Stocksas of 8/13/2021
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